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Welcome to the Beech Ridge Brewing homepage. This is a simple site designed to help me share my hobby; home-brewing. I hope that you find something here that you can use, add to, or direct someone else here that can benefit. Many other brewers have helped me grow as a hobbyist and I hope to return the favor.

You’ll find that the site is always under construction since I only work on the content when I have spare time. If you have a good recipe, a site of your own, a site worth suggesting or any other worthwhile content, then please shoot me an email and I’ll try to add the content to this site. I’m all about networking and providing useful information to other hobbyists.

Although I am always interested in business opportunities, I do not intend to make this site a business site. I may, from time to time, offer something cool that I have for sale. I’m also considering making t-shirts to sell on the site. I made one for my father-in-law, my wife and for me. They came out pretty awesome and I’d like to share them. I only want to cover my expenses and do not intend to make a profit. I’ve included a photo of the t-shirt on the photo links page. Let me know if you are interested.

Thanks for visiting, Rob

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